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All Reservation associates must report to the reservation office 15 minutes before the start of her shift to coordinate with associates of outgoing shift. The Logbook is received at the beginning of each shift. The opening and closing shift procedures are to be followed.

Ensure that the tasks are performed both efficiently and professionally. Associates are responsible for the tasks they do. All tasks are to be carried out on time and with no errors.

The logbook ensures smooth communication among the Reservation associates especially from various shifts. Special events / complaints are to be recorded in this logbook. It must be filled in legibly and in detail. All Reservation associates are required to initial the current page of the logbook after reading.

To ensure that all unacceptable and undesirable individuals are not entertained by the Hotel, the reservations department will continually update and maintain a Blacklist file.

Tidy appearance is to be maintained at all times.

All reservation correspondence and miscellaneous documents are filed properly to ensure efficient retrieval of reservation documents when needed.

All daily arrivals will be reviewed for Reservation particulars based on arrival list to ensure all rooms are correctly inputted in the system.

All return guests history files will be updated prior to guest arrival to ensure accurate information.

All reservation amendments will be documented to ensure that reservation information is updated.

To ensure a clear confirmation status for proposed reservation after FIT accepts proposals

The job duties of a hotel supervisor can vary depending on the size of the hotel and the number of other employees or departments.

The most efficient way of conducting a Quality Assurance Assessment is for such as an assessment to be done by someone who is not part of the Hotel Management team but who is familiar with the Hotels standards and service goals.

The Hotel Controllers primary responsibility is the management and oversight of main and sub- storeroom inventory and accurate reporting of inventory data.

Checking Out a Guest : A valid credit card is to be accepted and imprinted for pre-authorization by the front office receptionist or cashier upon guest check-in as an approved Method of Settlement of a guest ledger when the guest check out.

Floor Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities : Since Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning a large area within the hotel it is essential to establish good communication.


Front Office Log book Recording

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  1. Fill in date and time.


  1. Fill in your initials.


  1. Fill in event / complaint or message step by step.  Include all details of event, guest’ s name, room number, company name, persons involved and follow up steps implemented.


  1. Follow up must always be completed as soon as possible.


  1. All items are to be resolved within 24 hours or prior to guest departure.


  1. If there is nothing special to report for that shift, indicate as such.


  1. Logbook is read by the Manager and passed to FOM’s office each morning.


Front Office Log Book

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